Wood Used In Furniture And Its Characteristics

- Jun 08, 2017-

(1) Korean pine: soft material, moderate strength, good dryness, water resistance, corrosion resistance. Processing, finishing, coloring, good cementation.
(2) Changbaisong: The material is soft, full of elasticity, the structure is meticulous even, the dry bath is good. Water resistance, corrosion resistance. Processing, finishing, coloring, good cementation. White Pine has higher strength than Korean pine.
(3) Larch: The mechanical strength is high, the material is hard, the resistance Bojin, the water resistance is good, the dry shrinkage is big. Easy to crack, deformation. Poor processability, good finishing and cementation The wooden dragon skeleton material used in the interior decoration of the writer.
(4) Birch: The material is slightly hard, the structure is fine, the strength is big, processing, finishing, cementation is good.
(5) Paulownia: The material is very soft, the structure is coarse, the cutting surface is not smooth. Good dryness, no crack.
(6) Forged wood: Slightly soft material, slightly fine structure, silk luster, not easy to crack, processing, finishing, coloring, good cementation. Not resistant to decay.
(7) Manchurian Ash: The material is slightly hard. The Pattern award Li, the structure is coarse, easy processing, the toughness is big, the finishing, the cementation is good. Dry sex generally.
(8) Discovery Wood: Pattern crying li. Coarse structure, processing, finishing, cementation, good bath sex, easy to crack warp.
(9) Oak: The material is hard, the structure is coarse. High strength, processing difficulties, coloring, good finishing, poor cementation, easy to dry, easy to crack.
(10) Stick Wood: Hard material, straight texture, fine structure, wear-resisting, shiny, dry when not easily deformed, processing, finishing, cementation is better.
(11) Right Wood: The weight is moderate, the structure is fine. The cutting surface is smooth, the finishing and cementation are good. There is warping phenomenon in drying.
(12) Camphor Wood: The weight is moderate, the structure is fine, has the fragrance, the dry bath is not easy to deform, processing, finishing, cementation is good.
(13) Willow: The material is moderate. The structure is slightly coarse. The processing is easy, the cementation and the finishing performance are good. Slightly cracked and warped when dry. Plywood made of Willow is called Philippine Board.
(14) Rosewood: The material is hard, the texture is rain-like, the structure is thick and medium. Resistant to decay, not easy to dry, cut the shade smooth, finishing, cementation is good.
(15) Red sandalwood (mahogany): hard material, texture is rain-shaped, thick structure, durable, shiny, smooth cutting surface.
(16) wood-based panel: Commonly used plywood, Guean, fibreboard, Chong Hua Board, carpentry board. The composite structure of various wood-based panels is different. Can overcome the wood swelling, fin, cracking and other shortcomings. Therefore, the use of furniture, with a lot of advantages.