What Kind Of Solid Wood Furniture

- Jun 08, 2017-

Solid wood furniture can be divided into two kinds:

First, pure solid wood furniture: furniture All timber is solid wood, including the desktop, wardrobe door, side panels are made of solid wood, do not use any other form of wood-based panels. Pure solid wood furniture for the process and material requirements are very high. Solid wood material selection, drying, pointing, stitching and other requirements are very strict, if the process is not strict, small cracks, the combination of loose and so on, large pieces of furniture deformation, and can not be used.

Second, imitation solid wood furniture: the so-called imitation solid wood furniture, from the appearance of looking at solid wood furniture, wood natural texture, feel and color are the same as solid wood furniture, but in fact is the wood and wood-based panels mixed furniture, that is, side plate, top, bottom, shelves and other components with thin wood veneer particleboard or MDF board, doors and drawers are used solid wood. This process saves wood and lowers costs.