What Are The Advantages Of Using Bamboo Plate To Make Furniture?

- Jun 08, 2017-

What are the advantages of using bamboo sheet to make furniture? With the popularity of bamboo furniture and widely used, such as bamboo shoe racks, bamboo tables and chairs, bamboo bookcases, bamboo racks, bamboo shoes for shoe stools and other products to the characteristics of inexpensive, won the overwhelming majority of consumers and purchase, bamboo plate This new material gradually aroused people's attention.

Bamboo Plate is a kind of quality furniture plate, can be comparable to precious wood, more homogeneous material, more superior physical mechanics, why so? Because bamboo plate is small piece drying, solid plank is whole drying, thus bamboo water treatment is more uniform than plank, shrinkage is smaller. Bamboo is the most hardness of all plants in the world, the furniture products made of bamboo are more waterproof and anti-cracking than solid wood planks. Bamboo are arranged in straight fibers and are not easily deformed. The wood fiber Arranges the wrong case complex, so it is apt to distort deformation. The plank has the difference between pattern and straight line, it is difficult to obtain the good overall visual effect, bamboo is not this aspect insufficiency.

Bamboo plate Making Furniture Advantages:

1. Bamboo furniture is less color-difference than solid wood. The growth radius of bamboo is much smaller than that of trees, which is not affected by sunshine, and there is no obvious difference between the yin and yang. Therefore, the bamboo made from fresh bamboo are rich in bamboo and have a symmetrical color.

2, bamboo than wood more environmentally friendly, bamboo growth time only one-tenth of wood, after felling has a sustainable renewable long characteristics, more in line with the modern economy in the Low-carbon concept.

3, bamboo stability, moisture-proof than solid wood. Bamboo is a crude fiber plant, large density, small telescopic space, so bamboo stability, good moisture resistance, not easily deformed, in relatively humid places can also be used.

4, bamboo plate than real wood more comfortable, healthier: bamboo in the home environment can automatically adjust humidity and moisture resistance, low thermal conductivity, with winter warm summer cool characteristics, this is the real plank can not be compared to the first. Bamboo has the function of absorbing ultraviolet rays, which makes the eyes feel comfortable in the room.

5, Bamboo plate more beautiful, more durable: The bamboo grain is clear, the board surface is beautiful, the color is natural, the bamboo fragrance is pleasant, the texture is elegant and magnificent. Bamboo does not accumulate dust, not dew, easy to clean, to avoid the propagation of mites bacteria, eliminating the disturbance of moth.