What Are The Advantages Of Bamboo Furniture?

- Jun 08, 2017-

Bamboo Furniture A new low-carbon industry, bamboo because it needs no planting, rapid growth, material hardness and high toughness. is the replacement of solid wood furniture for the ideal wood, for the protection of forest effect. Bamboo industry set up a good ecological, economic and social benefits in a. China Bamboo Industry Association advocated: China's bamboo industry should take the green industry and Low-carbon economy as the goal, take the cycle of economic and green Industry road.

Advantage of Bamboo Furniture
1, green Environmental protection, natural:
Bamboo can regulate indoor humidity, absorbing ultraviolet rays, antistatic, beneficial to human health. In particular, the plate after the depth of carbonization, processed into a long-lasting bamboo furniture does not change, but also to strengthen the absorption of indoor harmful gases.
2, High-temperature cooking, three treatment:
Through the high-temperature cooking thoroughly sterilization, distinguishes from the traditional bamboo furniture craft, fundamentally prevents the worm borers, the hair enzyme. High pressure and water content of the strict control, bamboo slices crisscross arrangement of scientific technology, to ensure that bamboo furniture in the prevention of cracking, deformation beyond the solid wood.
3, fresh and beautiful, noble and elegant:
Bamboo color Natural, flexible, moisture-proof, high hardness, Canding furniture in furniture design has made a bold breakthrough in the preservation of traditional bamboo furniture streamline shape based on the Chinese classical furniture elements. To achieve a perfect combination of fashion and environmental protection.