The Selection Method Of Wooden Furniture

- Jun 08, 2017-

First, learn to observe the water content of wood.

General small factories do not have large-scale drying kiln, or in order to catch time will be less drying this process, wood moisture content is high, wood easily warping, deformation. The water content of the furniture must not exceed 12%, the general consumer buys, does not have the test instrument, may take the hand to touch the method, touches the furniture bottom surface or the inside not to paint place, if feels mmmm, then the water content rate at least above 50%, simply cannot use.

Second, pay attention to the materials used in the furniture.

Furniture surface materials, such as tables, chairs, cabinets, grocer, require hardwood, like Manchurian ash, oak, etc., more substantial, can be loaded, and internal materials available other material. The thickness of the coat cabinet is 2.5cm, too thick to appear clumsy, thin and easy to bend deformation. Kitchen, bathroom cabinets can not be made of fibreboard, but should use plywood. Because the fiberboard absorbs water, it will swell and damage when it meets the waters.

The table in the restaurant should be washable. Found that the wood has poles, off foam, the drying has a thorough, such furniture can not buy, because the poles will bite the bigger. Check the surface, but also open doors, drawer door to see inside, the material has no decay, you can pinch a pinch with the finger, pinch in to explain the decay of the material.

Open the door after the nose with a smell, if the nose, glare, tears, the glue mixture in the formaldehyde content is too high, will be harmful to the human body.

Third, pay attention to observe the structure of furniture is solid.

Small pieces of furniture, such as chairs, stools, racks and so on in the selection can be dragged on the cement floor, gently fell, sound crisp, indicating better quality; if the sound between the mute, there is a splitting of the noise, the mortise combination is not tight, the structure is not secure.

Four, the overall observation of the furniture is flat.

When choosing furniture, check the four feet of the furniture to see if the floor is flat. This point on the ground on a flash, and some furniture only three legs landing.

Five: To touch the wooden furniture on the surface, to see whether the paint is full, or the side can be very good to see whether the wooden furniture is fine workmanship, paint is full, polished whether smooth.