The Difference Between Solid Wood Furniture And Bamboo Furniture

- Jun 07, 2017-

Compared to the common fibreboard, MDF, particleboard and other materials to build furniture, solid wood is more favored by consumers, solid wood made furniture more textured, wood grain more real and delicate, more pure color, especially environmental protection, and for the recent years, the new real bamboo furniture, consumers know the truth is not much, but gradually gained recognition and recognition, is the most close to a kind of solid wood furniture products.
Bamboo furniture is a kind of furniture which is made of new bamboo and laminated timber, and the bamboo is a piece of wood which is pieced together after the bamboo is stacked. Similar to solid wood finger plate, is the whole bamboo structure, with a very low amount of glue, high density, good toughness, small color, real natural texture, with better than the general high-grade solid wood better physical and mechanical properties, is used in furniture manufacturing ideal timber.
The advantages of solid wood furniture is the embodiment of natural beauty, natural clear texture, rich and varied forms, such as a variety of curved surfaces, carved and so on, change thousands. At the same time because the use of less glue, so environmental performance than plate furniture higher. However, solid wood furniture also has a very obvious disadvantage, in the production of furniture load-bearing parts, if made of thin plates, such as the side plate, frame, more easily variant; a wide variety of solid wood, good and bad, there is a situation of stealing workers, therefore is not the wood is the best, and high-grade solid wood prices are high, the cost of solid wood furniture, ordinary consumers can not bear its price; solid wood furniture has a natural scar, the beauty of a certain impact; solid wood furniture will be affected by the surrounding environment and change the factory water content, The change of moisture content can cause furniture to deform and crack.
Bamboo furniture cost relative to common solid wood furniture, the cost is much lower, in the consumer range of the general consumer. Now the real bamboo furniture beautiful shape, fashionable, with a good market prospects.