Standard And Processing Requirements For Wood Products

- Jun 08, 2017-

Wood products processing industry has produced a small impact on people's lives, almost every household is equipped with wood products processing finished products. So, what are the requirements for wood-processed wood? Can all the wood be processed? The answer, of course, is no. So, what are the requirements for wood-processed wood products? What kind of wood can process the desired effect?
1. No twill. Twill is the phenomenon that the wood fiber arrangement is not normal and the angle is tilted. The twill is a defect in the structure of the trees, but sometimes when the wood is made, the improper sawing will also cause artificial twill.
2. Wood Festival is small. Wood is one of the main defects of wood, it is more in the upper part of the trunk, is the branch base of the trunk. The Wood festival is divided into live and dead sections, which are the nodes that grow with the tree trunks during the growth of the trees, and the live knots are closely connected with the wood for four weeks. The dead day is the branch which has withered or decayed and is detached from or completely detached from the surrounding wood.
Wood products are very common in our daily life, and many of the table stools we use are wood products. But Wood products processing is not a haphazard, in the processing of wood products have a certain operational requirements.
(1) Wood products processing must set up a closed working shed, in order to reduce the noise and dust pollution to the environment. In the vicinity of the wood shed should be the corresponding fire equipment to prevent fire.
(2) for wood and other raw materials must be concentrated processing under the material, reasonable use, so long material is not short use, excellent material is not bad, the use of materials according to the construction schedule procurement purchase.
(3) Wood products processing, to have dust measures, the operation of the sawdust, wood shavings to be cleaned in a timely manner to the designated location, keep the face clean, reduce the fire hidden danger. The reusable wood is classified and used properly and saved resources.
(4) Processing of finished products, semi-finished products, to timely storage in good custody, rain-proof measures to prevent the deformation of materials, waste of resources, and the establishment of picking procedures, reduce the use of consumption, to ensure the realization of material planning objectives.