Solid Wood Furniture Has Its Own Unique Style

- Jun 08, 2017-

Long service life. The service life of the panel furniture is generally 3-5 years. The life of solid wood furniture is more than 5 times times that of plate furniture.
Solid wood Furniture has a value-preserving function. At the same time can give home environment to bring moist "wood gas", thus quite popular in the middle-grade consumers. Its advantages are the embodiment of nature: natural texture, changeable form, furniture surface can generally see the beautiful pattern of wood.
Solid wood furniture has its own unique style of personalized solid wood furniture raw materials from natural, set natural essence in one, real wood furniture unique taste: High-grade, thick, will be a long history of Chinese traditional culture and modern fashion elements, integrated into the design of furniture, to give new meaning to furniture, furniture design more humane, practical, modern, to create new wood furniture fashion, leading the new trend of furniture.
Ordinary wood furniture splicing local do not do edge disposal, so you can clearly see the material of furniture, to do the disposal, consumers should have doubts.
Industrial layout, China's wooden handicrafts industry is mainly distributed in Taizhou, Dongyang, Fujian, Xiamen, Fuzhou. Taizhou, Zhejiang is the largest production and export of handicrafts products base, the production of bamboo, silver, iron, cloth, plastic, glass, color stone, such as 15 major categories, more than 10,000 varieties of handicrafts, products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions in the world, of which wood handicrafts production and export volume ranked first in the country, Huangyan was awarded the "China Craft Capital" Xianju was awarded "China Handicraft Capital" Zhejiang Dongyang is known as China's "wood carving town."