Bamboo Is The Most Concerned Green Environmental Protection Material

- Jun 07, 2017-

Bamboo, born between heaven and earth, absorbing the aura of all things, Su Shi has a cloud: "Rather eat no meat, not living without bamboo." No meat is thin, no bamboo is vulgar. "Bamboo since ancient times and with Mei, Orchid, Chrysanthemum and called Four gentlemen, with Mei, Pine and called Winter, has been favored by the Chinese people."
Bamboo not only in poetry and painting and landscape construction has a long history of relations, but also in China's historical and cultural development and spiritual culture in the formation of a great role, as early as more than 7,000 years ago in the ruins of the Hemudu Primitive Society found that bamboo in kind in the ancient history of the continuous development of the long river, bamboo also from simple weapons into writing tools, handicrafts, musical instruments, dance props, household utensils, production tools, construction, transport, etc., the use of bamboo has been widely penetrated into the details of Chinese life.
Facing the deterioration of the environment and the decrease of the stock of natural forests, bamboo, one of the fastest growing plants in the world, is a high-quality substitute, and bamboo can be finished in three or four years. After felling can continue to regenerate, and can stand alone forest, do not need to depend on other plants to live together, bamboo own fiber can purify air and filter formaldehyde, bamboo furniture raw material is sufficient, low price, under the premise of global timber resource is scarce, will become the future darling of furniture industry.
As a 21st century of environmental protection materials, designers have been playing their own imagination and creativity, the choice of bamboo design into different products, such as handicrafts, bamboo cabinets, bamboo shelves, bamboo baths, bamboo, bamboo beds and so on, can cover dozens of types of household items, we do not exaggerate that the contemporary wood can be made of household items, bamboo can be done.
With the user experience, the furniture made of bamboo can not only absorb the dust and bacteria in the air, but also can adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, energy saving and emission reduction effect is remarkable, also make home environment more comfortable and pleasant.