What are the characteristics of bamboo furniture?

- Jun 07, 2017-

1, the traditional structure of bamboo and wood furniture characteristics

In the traditional bamboo and wood furniture, its use of bamboo almost all in the form of the whole material, bamboo and sheet materials, and so on, the traditional bamboo and wood furniture to the maximum retain the natural bamboo parallel straight lines and the knot structure of bamboo. But from the bamboo and wood furniture as a whole, in the bamboo and wood furniture design, mainly the use of wire-solid structure.

The wire structure is mainly composed of the aggregation of the line group and the gap between line and line. A strong sense of rhythm is shown by the interlaced effect of the line surface and the change of the mesh density. This kind of rhythm sense, is the bamboo wood furniture wire space composition performance characteristic. In practice, the wire composition of bamboo and wood furniture includes two kinds of soft wire structure and hard wire forming.

Soft wire composition: Refers to silk, cotton, hemp, iron, aluminum and copper can be arbitrarily curved cord or soft rope line. The form of bamboo-wood furniture made of this kind of soft wire is mainly composed of frame structure and creating a soft and flowing visual experience.

Hard wire composition: this kind of bamboo wood furniture form is not common, so the small part in this is not for everyone to do a detailed introduction.

2, bamboo wood furniture Furniture Features

Modern bamboo and wood furniture used in almost all materials are processed by mechanical processing, such as processing of materials made from, this process is now natural bamboo through processing, processing into bamboo, and then use bamboo to make wood furniture. This kind of furniture has good anti-corrosion, pest control and moth-proof characteristics, and the manufacture of bamboo and wood furniture also has large strength, stable size, not easy to crack and so on.

Bamboo wood Bamboo Furniture production process is mainly the use of the plate furniture production process, so the modern bamboo wood furniture is mainly based on two-dimensional space long and wide as the material composed of three-dimensional modelling, with a flat thin sense and extended sense. However, compared with the general plate furniture, bamboo wood furniture due to the material reasons, its surface has a natural dense straight-line texture, and production costs are not high, bamboo wood furniture in the structural and aesthetic features are more satisfactory.