What are the benefits of paint on solid wood furniture?

- Jun 08, 2017-

I. Protection of wood
Solid wood Furniture has a large hardness, so it is easy to burnish smooth and warm feel, such as Jade. If directly exposed, it is easy to scratch or wear, the loss of the texture of jade, paint on the equivalent of a layer of armor to put on the furniture.
Second, furniture put on a beautiful clothes, make furniture more perfect
Third, feel more delicate, easier to clean and maintain.
No matter how finely polished, it is impossible to seal the wood tubing, which often becomes a den of filth and is hard to clean. After the lacquer, the catheter was sealed and filled, with a cloth lightly wipe, can be cleaned.
Four, let the furniture of the new, more luster
If the logs are exposed directly to the air, they are susceptible to corrosion and oxidation. After the lacquer, the wood does not contact with the air directly, will preserve the fresh wood color forever.
V. Preventing deformation of wood
Moisture content on the stability of wood is very large, the use of paint sealing wood surface, not only can prevent the external moisture quickly into the wood, but also to prevent internal water evaporation, and let the wood inside and outside communication slow, gentle, to ensure that the wood is not deformed.