The cleaning method of the shoe cabinet

- Jun 08, 2017-

1, regular maintenance of the shoe, generally can be a quarterly focus on maintenance, with a soft cloth wipe the furniture surface after the dust, in the furniture on the surface of the uniform coating furniture, light wax to protect the furniture paint film from dampness, scratches and burns.

2, for long or difficult to remove the stain can be stained with a small amount of gasoline or alcohol to remove, and then use a piece of cotton cloth to apply the right amount of polishing wax and then use a piece of dry cloth to rub the wax evenly, without leaving wax marks, and then the paint layer has been damaged place to deal with

3, the surface scratches and not deep and wood, can be used for local direct polishing wax, to the deeper scratches to use sandpaper grinding.

4, the area is scorched by the cigarette, if only limited to the surface paint layer, can use the fine water sandpaper to dip the water lightly rubs to stain, then waxes.

5, Furniture hardware fittings metal handle can also be used on polishing wax daub and clean, so that the flexible rotation and rust-proof anti-oxygen.

6, if the damage has reached a deep wood, should be polished after repainting, so that the furniture surface bright lasting, moisture-proof.