The advantages of bamboo furniture

- Jun 07, 2017-

Now the development of bamboo is very rapid, and bamboo furniture for us is not something new, there are historical records, early in the Tang and Song dynasties in China already has bamboo furniture.
Bamboo can be made into tables, chopsticks, stools and other kinds of life supplies, in our daily life everywhere, is not unusual.
Bamboo has wood quality, density, compression, tensile resistance are very strong, and in some respects than wood has advantages. In addition to toughness, bamboo is more capable of absorbing heat than wood, so warm in winter and cool in summer.
Bamboo Furniture In spite of exquisite, light, elegant, comfortable, but there are many people inevitably have some concerns, worry. Many people worry that the problem is: bitten by worms, not strong, cracking.
With the progress of science and technology, the radiation of our body is also more and more. Peach Blossom Bamboo Bamboo Furniture After the deep carbonation treatment, pest-proofing, waterproof and moisture-proof, processed from bamboo furniture refreshing chic, winter warm summer cool, compression bending strength, green environmental protection and other characteristics, put at home feeling very fresh, more conducive to your health.