How to avoid the potential hidden dangers of furniture?

- Jun 08, 2017-

1, the purchase of furniture than the tree or plate
Generally speaking, wood furniture and solid wood furniture will be more environmentally friendly than plate furniture, but the wood furniture performance is not as stable as solid wood furniture, in addition to the hardness, humidity and other factors will affect the life of furniture, wood, linden, African light wood, Bai Hu Mahogany, boxwood and other tree species hardness is poor.

2, the appearance of furniture and wood grain is also very important
In the purchase of furniture, if it is solid wood furniture, you can detect water content, wood grain clarity, surface smoothness, smell abnormalities, etc., if is the plate furniture, to check whether the edge is rigorous, hardware is loose, veneer texture is consistent and so on. If the painting of furniture, it is recommended to check whether the paint is smooth, no wrinkles and other phenomena.

3. Testing the stability of furniture
In the choice of furniture should test the load-bearing and stability of the furniture, consumers have the best hands-on experience, shaking or dragging chairs, to see whether there is a loose groove connection position, whether there is a clear noise, if the furniture is only small screws or glue fixed, it is recommended not to buy.

4, inspection furniture surface wood Lacquer
Wood paint can better protect furniture, but low-quality wood paint or contain a lot of harmful substances such as free formaldehyde, in general, oily lacquer hardness is higher, fullness is better, but water-based paint environmental protection is better. Note that when choosing furniture, there is a strong taste, not recommended to buy.
In order to reduce the safety of furniture, not only in the purchase of careful selection, in the daily maintenance also should pay attention to, such as furniture to use dry cloth timing clean; do not put furniture in too humid environment, lest damp mildew, also do not put the furniture in the sun or baking on the side of the stove, otherwise wood easily cracked, paint easy to fall.