Bamboo Furniture Health and environmental protection four factors

- Jun 07, 2017-

Bamboo is now interior decoration and home decoration of one of the important materials, whether it is living furniture or office furniture, this bamboo furniture will become the future of the mainstream furniture market, the development and utilization of bamboo furniture sheet Metal furniture market, basically in bamboo itself has low carbon, environmental protection, natural properties.
1, bamboo itself is pure natural, non-toxic harmless. Bamboo products in the production of the need to use a certain amount of formaldehyde adhesive, but because the use of small plastic, the existing production and processing technology, has been completely able to ensure that formaldehyde volatilization can be controlled without affecting any biological health within the range.
2, the development and use of bamboo furniture, will certainly improve the broad masses of bamboo farmers, love bamboo, bamboo breeding enthusiasm, and further promote artificial cultivation of bamboo forest, promote the expansion of bamboo forest area and the increase in bamboo production, the benefit of mankind, but also maintain soil and water, adjust the climate, and maintain a virtuous
3, bamboo furniture products are pure natural materials, can also be in the natural conditions quickly free degradation, do not produce two of pollution. to bamboo furniture plate instead of plastic products, porcelain products, glass fiber products, to avoid two of pollution has a very important environmental value.
4, Bamboo Home adhering to the "timber, environmental protection, Low-carbon" design concept, to abandon the production of fortified flooring needs of melamine, aluminium and other difficult to deal with pollution-type raw materials, reduce carbon emissions and environmental pollution, in line with international green standards.