Bamboo and wood furniture Maintenance

- Jun 07, 2017-

New purchase of small and medium-sized bamboo and wood furniture, preferably by high-temperature seal steam treatment, steaming 2-3 hours, can be completely bamboo hidden insects, microorganisms to kill. General Bamboo and wood furniture should be placed in dry, ventilated place. Often placed in damp, dark places, will be due to the humidity of microbial breeding benefits, resulting in mold borers.

It is best to apply varnish or cooked tung oil on the surface of bamboo furniture. This can be moth-proofing, but also durable and make it beautiful, is a good thing in one swoop. Even if the worm is found to be moth-eaten, it can also be used in the right amount of pepper or pepper, mashed into the end, stuffed into the hole, and with boiling water to prevent the spread of insects.