Advantages and disadvantages of bamboo and wood furniture

- Jun 07, 2017-

Bamboo furniture is also a kind of furniture, for the current home life, if you like wood furniture, then maybe home will have this furniture, if you do not like the words may not have it, in short, whether you have, more to understand, perhaps it will be useful, then look at the bamboo wood furniture, see what the characteristics of bamboo wood furniture.

At present, in China's furniture market, bamboo and wood furniture fully embodies the Low-carbon environmental protection of the concept of home life, it has retained the maximum natural decorative bamboo materials. Most of bamboo is made of traditional frame type and bamboo-glulam, so the bamboo-wood furniture with different forms of bamboo is also distinguished.

Compared to solid wood this kind of furniture resources, the bamboo resources are very rich, because it grows very fast, and the growth cycle is very short, fast, and it belongs to a successful planting can be sustainable recycling resources. If coupled with the designer's exquisite design, bamboo furniture is also practical and environmentally friendly, so using bamboo to make furniture is a very worthwhile way to promote. And the physical properties of bamboo is slightly better than solid wood, bamboo has a strong physical and mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, not easy to wear and deformation. The most noteworthy is the moisture absorption of bamboo furniture good performance, summer time to use bamboo furniture is very good.

Bamboo and wood furniture is a new type of furniture, bamboo furniture enterprises are pursuing a large number of bamboo furniture in the market and consumer recognition, hope that consumers can understand bamboo furniture, for the cause of environmental protection to make their own contribution.

Bamboo Furniture Advantages:
1, green Environmental protection, natural: bamboo can regulate indoor humidity, absorbing ultraviolet rays, anti-static, beneficial to human health. In particular, the plate after the depth of carbonization, processing into a permanent color, can strengthen the adsorption of indoor harmful gases.
2, High-temperature cooking, three treatment: through high-temperature cooking thoroughly sterilization, different from the traditional bamboo furniture technology, fundamentally prevent insects, hair enzymes. High pressure and water content of strict control, criss-cross arrangement of scientific technology, to ensure that bamboo furniture in the prevention of cracking, deformation beyond the solid wood.
3, fresh and beautiful, noble and elegant: The natural color of bamboo, elastic, moisture-proof, high hardness, Canding furniture in furniture design has made a bold breakthrough in the preservation of traditional bamboo furniture streamline modelling on the basis of the Chinese classical furniture elements. To achieve a perfect combination of fashion and environmental protection.

Bamboo and wood furniture Disadvantages:
1, relatively easy to produce worms, mildew, will be affected by environmental deformation cracking, if bamboo furniture in the process of reasonable control material moisture content, as well as the surface of the paint process, basically can eliminate this problem, bamboo wood furniture is still the most durable furniture products.